Add-On Modules


The RR RMS Utilities HQ product is comprised of a collection of add-on modules that enhance and extend MRMS, giving you more comprehensive, more interactive insight and control over your entire retail store enterprise.

  • View / change additional data at HQ
  • Expanded payment capabilities
  • Increased user and database security
  • Enhanced inventory control and movement
  • Improved communications between HQ & stores

 Click here to download Utilties PDF fact sheet


The RR RMS Utilities Store product is comprised of a collection of add-on modules that seamlessly enhance and extend MRMS in all areas of retail—from back-office operations to transactions at the point-of-sale.

The system introduces innovative features and functionality to:

1) improve customer management and marketing,

2) buy and sell more inventory types,

3) reduce POS transaction time while minimizing user error, and

4) interact more effectively with Headquarters and other stores in your enterprise.

  • Many different add-ons / features
  • Scan to Bag, Item Creation,Budgeting
  • Enhanced Serial Item, PO's, etc.
  • 37 New Wizards, Credit Card, etc.

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The RR RMS Ticketing is an add-on module designed to enhance Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS) by providing ticketing and/or membership functionality. This touch-based solution is ideal for any business that sells tickets or memberships, such as theme parks, museums, attraction parks, and zoos. You can use RR Ticketing for event and group planning/booking, entrance control, and event management.

  • Create events (duration, time, capacity, etc.)
  • Sell entry tickets (event availability, facilility, etc.)
  • Create memberships (also renew, updgrade, etc.)
  • Redeem tickets, membership cards, and passes
  • Ensure correct availability across multiple stations


  • Management of Membership and sale of membership
  • ZIP/Postal Code tracking
  • Voucher Promotion tracking
  • Group Booking
  • Floating Cashier
  • Supports integration with Mercury Payment System US

 Click here to download Ticketing PDF Fact sheet


With an enhanced touch screen layout for Microsoft RMS, RR Touch offers a touch grid where on the left you can group what you want to view on the screen to the right. This can be static definition, a filter, or a drill-down. You can configure all the displayed data. Define each button so that it can show a variety of data. The touch buttons support graphical pictures.

  • Add HQ definition of touchscreens
  • Enhanced multi-language keyboard
  • Consolidate item quantity at POS
  • Arabic Support; Right-to-Left screen workflow
  • Support added for offline database

The  RR RMS Mobility Bundle supports various devices to perform stocktake with a hand-held, create or receive purchase and transfer-in orders, create quotes (interface with mobile printer), perform price checks and price changes, etc.

It includes an advanced StockTake module that supports multi-location and interfaces with various handheld devices.

  • Use it in any market!
  • Reports stocktake discrepancies
  • Assigns bin locations to items
  • Supports Piccolink 600 & 650, and Paxar Pathfinder
  • Supports various Pocket PC and Ce.Net devices


The RR Import Utility is designed to smoothly bring data in the Store or HQ from a catalogue or from another system (when upgrading to Microsoft RMS from another system).

  • Import Master Data to Store and HQ
  • Import PO's and Transfer In/Out orders
  • Import history sales, WO's, BO's & quotes
  • Connect via Excel, CSV file or ODBC

 Click here to download Import Utility PDF fact sheet

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