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 Retail Analytics & Merchandise Planning - RAMP


When it comes to merchandise planning many retailers are restricted by a lack of timely and accurate information on their sales, stock turn and customer demand. The RAMP system is designed to give retailers insight into their performance and resolve their biggest dilemma - minimizing inventory stock while maximizing inventory availability. Retail Analytics for Microsoft Dynamics® RMS is designed to help retailers manage their business by delivering analytical reporting on business performance. Easily identify trends, buying patterns, seasonality, and other key performance indicators for your business.


Customers using RAMP achieve optimizations of current inventory availability as the solution utilizes slow moving inventory from other stores prior to purchasing additional stock from the vendor. Buying Managers also achieve greater control of buyers' spending budgets.



RTL Reports and Reports Pro


As a shoe or fashion retailer, your reporting needs are more complex than most. RTL Reports is developed to address this complexity and puts information at your fingertips on all aspects of your stock management. RTL Reports provides valuable information to help you manage your business.RTL Reports Features and Benefits.


  • A range of sized reports that show styles by colour and size across the page in a easy to read table format showing quantities of opening stock, closing stock, sales, on order, received etc.
  • These reports can be further tailored by using the built in filter functionality.
  • Key performance figures typically used by retailers of fashion merchandise like sell-through, weeks' cover, ROI etc. enabling you to make the right merchandising decisions.
  • Powerful integration into professional Weekly Sales and Stock Intake (WSSI) merchandising tool
  • Comparison reports enabling you to identify in which product areas you are under and over stocked.
  • Overview reports highlighting achieved margins, mark downs and discounts.
  • Compare the key performance between two seasons, weeks, months, quarters or years.
  • Flexible filtering options can be applied to all reports and filters saved for future use.
  • Output reports to e-mail, Microsoft Excel and to your web browser so that your company's information can easily be shared between associates.


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