PayFast Regular credit card payment process

In a regular credit card (non 3D Secure) authorisation process on PayFast, there are 4 primary parties involved:

  •  The Cardholder
    • The Person shopping online who has the credit / Debit Card details
  • PayFast (& Merchant)
    • The "Gateway" of the online merchant from whom the cardholder is purchasing
  • The acquiring bank
    • PayFast's acqiring bank through which we process credit/debit card payments 
  • The issuing bank
    • The Bank who issued the cardholder with their credit card

In a regular credit/debit card transaction without 3D Secure, the (simplified) process is as follows:



  1. The Card holder enters their card information (16 digit card number, expiry date etc.) on the PayFast engine
  2. PayFast submits the data to Their acquiring bank
  3. Their acquiring bank authorises the transaction (by communicating with the credit card network and issuing bank)
  4. The response (success or failure) is passed back up the chain to the cardholder 
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