What is 3D secure

3D secure is an extra layer of security in using your credit card for online transactions. All Online transactions  over R 1000.00 clients will be required to enter their 3D secure password (Different from the PIN), which is called Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode by the respective credit card companies. 

All cardholders will be required to register for 3D Secure with their card issuing bank, and can be set up either as a password of their choice or a one-time-password that will be sent to them by email/SMS. 

How a 3D Secure transaction works. 

With 3D Secure a number of additional steps are added to the credit card process with the aim of authenticating the cardholder performing the transaction. 

A (very simplified) 3D Secure process is as follows:


  1. The Card holder enters their card information (16 digit card number, expiry date etc.) on the PayFast entering
  2. PayFast contacts a directory server to ascertain whether the card is enrolled in 3D secure
  3. The directory server responds with a message indicating that the card is registered.
  4. PayFast uses the messge to redirect the cardholder to a "3D Secure" page served by the issuing bank.
  5. The carholder authenticates themselves to the issuing bank on the 3D Secure page (One-Time PIN, Known Password etc.)
  6. The result of this authentication is returned to PayFast
  7. PayFast submits the card information and the 3D Secure authentication result to their acquiring bank.
  8. Their acquiring bank authorises the transaction (by communicating with the credit card network and issuing bank)
  9. The response (success or failure) is passed back up the chain to the card holder.

Activate your card with 3D Secure:

Please click on your bank logo below for information on how to set up 3D Secure with your bank, if you haven't already done so.  




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