Star TSP143III Printer Ethernet

Star TSP143III Printer Ethernet

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Introducing Star TSP143 entry level Ethernet Printer (10/100baseT,UTP) with Lan cable supplied & Vertual Serial Port. 

Designed to work with today's market leading operating systems - Android, iOS, Windows™, Linux™ and Mac™ 

Standard features include:

  • Convenient internal Power supply
  • Fast 250mm/second print speed
  • New guillotine auto cutter (2 million cuts)
  • Drop in & Print paper loading
  • Thin paper capability (0.053 to 0.085mm)

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AllReceipts is a FREE, DIGITAL RECEIPT SOLUTION available on all Star Micronics TSP100 thermal receipt printer models.

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  • Retailers get AllReceipt’s real time status Device Management Tool