Retail Point Methodology and Services


Retail Point adheres to a specific service methodology that forms the basis of all proposals and service solutions offered. This service methodology is implemented throughout our operations, business development and support service structures to ensure that a well-devised service and supply solution is implemented.

    Our Methodology entails:

  •  Tailor-made services focusing on specific service solutions.
  •  Customer management based on customer partnerships on a strategic and operational level.
  •  A customer-focused infrastructure that forms part of the service solution, ensuring an integrated support and operational environment.
  •  Adding tangible value to the business of the customer.
  •  Exceptional quality of service.

 Our Goal

“In order to provide quality services, we aspire to exceed our customers expectations.  We believe success is the combination of expertise in IT implementation, and in depth knowledge of retail industry, trust and our ability to add value”.


Retail Point is a one stop supplier for all your retail IT needs and offers a complete spectrum of services

  •  Consultancy

  •  Project Management

  •  Hardware

  •  Installation

  •  Customization

  •  Training

  •  Support