RMH POS Annual Subscription

Retail Management Hero (RMH) offers small and mid-market retailers a complete point of sale (POS) solution that can be adapted to meet unique retail requirements.

RMH Store licenses can now be obtained under a subscription price model.

In the subscription model, the Software License and Enhancement Plan are rolled into one price per POS device and includes unlimited Manager terminals.

RMH subscription is quoted as a monthly price billed at a minimum of 12 months Per POS.  Should you wish to add additional POS to store, new licensing will be added to the existing subscription. The system allows for the extra licenses to be purchased for less than 12 months so that the renewal date for all licenses are the same (defaults to the date 12 month from original purchase).

Please Note:

RMH Subscription licensing will require an internet connection for license validation every 15 days. Licenses that are not validated will operate for another 15 days while giving a message to connect to validate the license. After that, the license will stop functioning until connected and authenticated.